Services of Professional Electricians are Imperative for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties

Residential ElectricianServices of electricians are of a great help in the modern world where everything depends on electricity. To run various appliances, instruments and devices, we need electricity. Just name any task, and you need electricity, be it to work on your computer, or to cook food in the microwave oven, or wash clothes in a washing machine. To carry out household chores, office routine work or to manage high end industrial equipment, we require electric energy. Some of the areas where we call professional electricians are listed as below:

Reconstructions: In case you are reconstructing your abode, you will need to call an electrician to install or take out power points, lighting and sockets. They are also of major aid in order to direct electric power through new cabling and setting up new switchboards for the newly reconstructed rooms.

Power Points: According to the statute law, only electricians are permitted to carry out power point fixes and replacements. Electricians will advise you on the required quantity of power points that you require and on their exact placements in your house.

Switch Boards: Basically, switch boards are installed in order to direct electric power to your entire house and are fashioned in such a way so as to shield you from possible electrocution.

Power Surge Protection ServicesUPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): To shield your electrical devices from power surges and failures, a UPS backup system will be very beneficial. This system offers backup energy to devices like computers, fax machines and modems.

Generators – Your Back Up Power Source: It is highly suggested to set up a backup generator so that it would be useful when there is no electric power in your home and may act as a backup source to energize your electrical appliances and light fixtures. Your local electrician will be able to precisely guide you to find the best generator to match your specific requirement.

Solar Power: To lower the electricity consumption costs and to increase energy efficiency, it would be a good alternative to install a solar power system. Professional electricians having expertise in installing solar power units can guide you for getting the best alternative for your abode.

Why To Hire Only Licensed Electrical Contractor in Sydney for All Your Indoor & Outdoor Power Issues?

Electricity is the most essential component now-a-days as all our daily chores totally rely on it. Be it for residential abodes or commercial establishments, electric power is indispensable. This has also led to an increased demand for qualified and experienced electricians in Sydney. You should be careful while hiring electricians for fixing electrical issues.

Details outlined below will guide you through your hiring process.

Availability: You need to verify how accessible the electric service provider is, whether they are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Promptness: See how they respond to your emergency call. Can they reach your place without causing much delay to fix up the pressing electrical issue at hand?

License: It is a mandatory for electrical contracting companies to possess a valid license. So you need to check service provider’s license so that you know you are giving your electrical tasks into safe hands.

Insurance: An electrical contracting company ought to have an appropriate insurance. So in case something goes wrong while fixing up the electrical issues, the liability lies with the insurer.

Following Rules and Regulations: Each state has its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to handling or restoring power supply. Therefore it is imperative that the electrical contracting companies follow the set rules and regulations while performing all types of electrical tasks.

Allotting the Electrical Work: You can’t just allot the electrical tasks to anybody. Professionals with relevant qualifications, valid license and practical experience can only carry out all types of electrical tasks.

Hiring an Electrical Contractor in Sydney: It’s always advantageous to hire an electrical contracting company in Sydney instead of an independent electrician. In case something goes wrong in the future, you can directly contact the electrical contracting company and speak to one of its customer care executives to bring the solution quickly whereas reaching out to an independent electrician would not be that easy at times.

Significance of Switchboard Repairs and Upgrades

Switchboard is an important component which aids in supplying electricity to properties, be it for residential dwellings or commercial establishments. It is installed inside the home but on an external wall or sometimes in the garage. In a commercial organization, it is installed inside the office but in a separate place away from work area in a secure zone.

All the electrical appliances installed in your home or office receives power from the main switchboard. Whenever electrical current gets overloaded, the fuse attached to a particular circuit break out and instantly the electrical power supply is interrupted to all electrical appliances that are connected with that particular circuit.

Why switchboard fuse blows out?

Switchboard RepairsDue to the usage of several electrical appliances at the same time, the system gets overloaded and the fuse is blown out. Usually, a fuse breaks out when it gets very hot and a strong current in the circuit causes a small piece of metal to melt inside the fuse. It’s always wise to invest in buying quality electrical parts so that it will keep you, your family and your employees safe in the long run. Switchboard repairs and regular maintenance are imperative in order to enhance its usage as well as it will save you money on your electricity bills.

Is your electrical system at your home or office giving you trouble with frequent power outages or blown out fuses? Then it’s probably time to think of upgrading your system. An upgraded and well maintained electrical system will shield your electrical appliances, give optimal performance and keeps your household and business place safe and secure.

Switchboard UpgradeAlso, often very old properties contain outdated electrical cabling systems and switchboards that perform badly and they aren’t compliant with current standards and don’t even contain electrical safety switches. In order to avoid switchboard overloading and trip outs, it’s recommended to upgrade the older electrical systems.

Why to replace/ upgrade older switchboards?

• Older or outdated switchboards are very prone to short-circuit.
• Now-a-days people use more electrical appliances than earlier days, so older switchboards are not efficient enough to handle the power load.

A Handy Guide for Ceiling Fan Installation

To install ceiling fan in your room and to provide proper ventilation, here below is a handy guide to assist you through the process.

It’s a common practice to place ceiling fan right at the center of the room as it facilitates good air circulation inside the room. If your bedroom is slightly bigger or rectangular in shape you may place the ceiling fan exactly above your double bed making sure that ample space is left all around the ceiling fan for proper air flow. This will ensure that you will get good air and feel more comfortable while you sleep.

UntitledYou also need to give attention to the aspect of blade clearance. Generally ceiling fans are placed 7 to 10 inches below the top roof point. However, for better airflow try keeping 8 to 10 inches below the ceiling.

A ‘U-shaped’ wall mounted iron metal hook (i.e. junction box) is required to install the ceiling fan. So, first you need to drill the ceiling taking proper measurements of the junction box and fix it tightly with the screws. Now, put together the fan parts and correctly fix all the cables and the wings. No cabling or joins should be left loose. Prior to fixing the fan to the junction box, once more examine the cabling and joins.

Untitled1For safety, prior to the installation work, switch off the mains from where the electric power is supplied to the entire house. If you have light fixture in the ceiling, you can replace it with ceiling fan. In case the placement is not right for the ceiling fan, you will need to stretch the point using an extension cable as per the required measurement for installing fan on the ceiling. If extension work needs to be done, it’s recommended to take the assistance of a qualified electrician.

Before turning on the electric power make sure that everything is completed in the correct manner. When starting up the ceiling fan for the first time, inspect for smoke or unusual sound. If you notice something wrong troubleshoot the issue until it’s been solved.

Untitled2The above mentioned information will help you with your ceiling fan installation and facilitate for proper ventilation in the room. However, you will get more in-depth instructions in manufacturer’s user manual. You can troubleshoot any type of problem using the user manual as they are fully loaded with all necessary information.

In case, you don’t feel comfortable doing the installation work, it’s better to assign the task to a professional electrician.

How Can the 24hr Electrical Services Assist You?

Anyone who has had an electrical issue at home knows the true value of a good electrician who offers a 24hr callout service. A water heating system which breaks down leaving you with icy cold showers, a short circuit which blows all your fuses or a power issue to your home security systems can really cause a huge inconvenience.

Look for a reputable, reliable and professional electrician on whom you can rely on in a real emergency, even if it’s the middle of the night. If you think you don’t need 24hr electrical services, just think over it again.

For example, you may be a small manufacturing or printing business who needs to work through the night to get a job out to a great paying customer. If a machine goes down or the lights go out you cannot work and the job cannot be fulfilled. The last thing you want to be doing is scrambling through the Yellow Pages looking for an electrician who may charge you an arm and a leg before they even start working to fix the problem.

Another example, you may be at home in the early hours of the morning and your home burglar alarm goes off for no reason. It keeps ringing and ringing waking the neighbours while you are trying to search for an electrician through the telephone directory or through a search engine on the Internet so that they could come to your place at once and stop the deafening noise.

It could even be as simple as there being an issue with your hot water system and you want to make sure that you have hot water for bath time when the kids come home from school.

All of these scenarios are real and could happen to anyone, so it really is worth finding the very best 24 hour electrician in Sydney who can come out to your home at a moment’s notice, talk to you over the phone to contain the issue before an electrician arrives and quote a fixed, fair price with guaranteed workmanship.

Search for the best electrician and when you find one keep the number in a safe and easily accessible place or lock into your mobile phone so they can be easily contacted when an electrical emergency strikes.

The Significance of Appropriate Lighting in Your House

Lighting is the most essential element when it comes to designing a room. A room that is well lit will provide good vision and is pleasing to the eyes as well as the room will look more spacious. On the contrary, a room that is not having sufficient lighting remains dull and can cause impaired vision and headaches.

We have compiled expert opinion on the significance of appropriate lighting.

Lights are the Beginning Point

• “Lighting is an integral part in any room that sets the feel and spirit of a particular space” says interior designer Jodie Kingman. On the contrary, bad lighting will create a stressed background and can isolate the furniture and people in the room.

• Interior designer Bronwyn Poole agrees to the idea of Jodie and says “Right lighting is paramount and it aids the space to come alive.”

• Bronwyn adds “To the dynamics of space within a room, lighting is central as it can change your mood and transform the colour of your walls and furnishings”.

• In general, interior designers are of the opinion that “Lighting is the major ingredient in interior designing”.

Identify the Possibilities of Appropriate Lighting

Faced with the question of getting the correct lighting for your sweet home?

First and foremost, you need to know the lighting options. Typically, lighting is divided across three crucial categories:

1. General lighting renders overall illumination for the room. It is the foundation of lighting a room, and normally contains of the ceiling, wall or recessed lights.

2. There are different types of lighting for carrying out different jobs like reading, cooking, putting on the makeup and doing homework. It is referred to as Task Lighting.

3. In order to light up special features such as artwork, books or architectural features, Accent Lighting is used to bring drama and intensity to a room.

Bronwyn is of the opinion that “A great room will comprise all three”.

Prepare a Lighting Plan

The majority of the experts are of the opinion that you must plan for lighting as it is an important part of any new construction or revamping work just as you plan to do any other revamp or construction work. “Free consultations are offered by most of the lighting shops, but it makes sense hiring a lighting expert for bigger projects” suggests Bronwyn. You should certainly work out your requirements, but mustn’t overcomplicate it. A well-prepared lighting project can aid in developing inviting spaces and neat interior looks.

Taking into consideration various options to light up a room will certainly provide the best result says Jodie Kingman. “At different heights within the room, lamps can produce intimacy and feel. Different task areas need different levels of light, so you should not use a high wattage all over. For instance, you can have a good illuminated light in the kitchen and have a softer light near the sofa in the living room. These days, a diverse range of creative designs are in the market that blends different materials. For instance – timber, copper or gold or corrugated cardboard light fittings”. Remember that each room will require different type of lighting as per the usage requirements.

Lighting Tricks

If the right kind of lighting is used, it can make the small room look more spacious and pleasing. On the other hand, if wrong lighting is used, it can make bigger rooms appear smaller and dull. Enumerated here below are few essential tips:

• You can make smaller rooms appear bigger by using up-lights.
• In order to make a room appear taller, vertical lights need to be used.
• You can make the room look more personal by using table lamps that lessen the light going to the ceiling.

As per Jodie – “Using the one kind of lighting all over or the absence of lighting is perhaps the most general error I come across.”

“You need to consider the lounge, kitchen and dining area as three separate areas for an open plan space and should have individual lighting solutions for all of them”, says Bronwyn Poole.

Thus, it is very much necessary that you avail best lighting installation services, so that no specific area is left unlit in your house and see to it that all areas are covered with appropriate lighting.

7 Factors to Consider While Hiring Electrician in Sydney

Electricity plays an important part in making our lives comfortable and convenient as it helps to complete all our jobs quickly through the help of electronic devices and equipment. For instance, washing machine is used for washing and drying of clothes.

It is imperative that all electrical lines must function safely and properly to avoid accidents at home or at work. When faced with electrical problems at home or office, electrical repair tasks should be left to highly skilled electricians who can get the work done effectively.

Here are 7 things you must consider when hiring an electrician in Sydney.

Certified and Licensed – They must possess proper license and must have successfully passed the required training to carry out all sorts of electrical work.

Life Insurance – They must have an active life insurance policy so that in case an electrical accident happens you will not be held liable and they will get proper work compensation.

Professionally Trained and Punctual – An electrical professional should be knowledgeable about the wirings, installations, connections, etc. and should have undergone enough training regarding electrical system maintenance work and repairs and must come to work on time.

Provide Emergency Electrical Services – They must be capable of quickly identifying the problem and apply prompt action to repair and restore power at home or at workplace. A good electrician must be able to diagnose and troubleshoot electrical situations and effectively enforce swift solutions.

Efficiency and Versatility – They must be highly flexible and be able to work with confidence while handling residential, commercial, and industrial electrical repair and maintenance work. A good electrician should possess a wide set of skills to meet the various demands of every electrical task assigned.

Reputable Client Base – Check for professional work experience, and references of previous electrical work done. Nothing beats experience and word of mouth recommendation from happy and satisfied clients. If you know someone in Sydney, ask around if they know the best electrical servicing contractors who can refer professional electricians with good client base and reputation.

Quality Service at an Affordable Price – A competent electrician uses the right equipment or tools for the job to get things done fast with positive results. When looking for experienced electricians in Sydney, choose one who provides fixed per job pricing and a lifetime guarantee for electrical works.

You can find many electrician providing electrical services in Sydney at affordable price, but hiring quality electrician can only help you in saving money in the long run and keep you safe in your premises.

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What to Do When a Power Cut Occurs?

It’s not until we lose power and electricity to our homes that we realise just how dependent we are on electricity in our daily lives. From the basics such as heating water and cooking food to our TV’s, computers and charging all of our smart devices which every family member seems to have these days.

When there is a power shortage or an issue in your home it’s good to know where to go and what to do, whether it is a short term power cut or a larger issue that may take some time to repair. Here are some top tips to be prepared should a power cut occur.

1) Firstly have the name of a local, reliable electrician who will visit your home or business on a 24/7 call out and be there to assess, assist and get your power back on. Look for an electrician with fixed pricing so that your emergency electrical need doesn’t turn into an expensive affair.

2) Know where your fuse box is. Sometimes you may lose power and it’s just a tripped fuse switch. Find out where your fuse box is and check there first when the power goes.

3) Candles. Yes, they may seem old fashioned and clichéd but having some large candles and of course some matches stored in an easy to access draw or cupboard will help you if the power is out at night time. Look for candles which have a long burn time.

4) Have a mini stash of non perishable food in your pantry. Cans, crackers and tins of tuna for example will keep you going until the heating is back on.

5) Do not try and fix yourself. Leave any kind of electrical work to the experts. Electricity is dangerous, if you don’t know what you are doing then electric shocks can be fatal.

By following these 5 tips, you will not be able to avoid a power cut but you can certainly make the time pass more comfortably until your local electrician gets your power back on and your home running as it should again!

What is testing and tagging?

RCD Testing and Tagging is a requirement for every business as part of their WHS practices and procedures. This involves a qualified or competent person who regularly checks on all electrical equipment to ensure they are running safely. This protects your equipment, your business and most importantly the safety of your staff. A check for overcrowded plugs, power surges and exposed wires can avoid serious workplace electrical injury, and with so many businesses reliant on electrical equipment to operate, it is strongly recommended that testing and tagging becomes a regular part of your WHS checklist and procedures.

The testing and tagging needs to be carried out on any type of electrical equipment, from a large printer or photocopier to the faithful toaster or sandwich maker in the kitchen. Most companies focus on the computer screens and systems but all electrical appliances should be tested and tagged appropriately.

The testing and tagging must be carried out by a professional or ‘competent’ person. The best thing to do is to look for an electrician in Sydney, who has all the relevant qualifications, offers RCD Testing and Tagging as a service and one which also has AS/NZS 3760 certification. This way you know that you can rely on a qualified electrician who will know exactly what to do. A professional Test and Tag electrician will know:-

• Which pieces of equipment to check

• What to look for to ensure the equipment is safe to use

• What to do should they discover an unsafe item

• The correct paperwork and recording procedures

• Any recommendations and tips for future testing and tagging

• Plan future testing and tagging and advise of frequency of checking

An experienced test and tagging electrician will do more than give a cursory glance and check for exposed wires. The will perform insulation tests, check safety switches, earth continuity transformer testing, label equipment appropriately and write up a detailed report on their findings.

Retesting can vary depending on the equipment you are using, the age of the machines and equipment and the frequency of use. This can be anything between every 3 months to every 5 years. A reputable electrician will be able to give you recommendations dependent on your business set up.

Look for an experienced electrician who is used to performing testing and tagging and one which provides a fixed quote with a work guarantee. Make sure your business is WHS compliant and book a test and tag for your electrical equipment today!

How To Choose A Good Electrician

Are all electricians the same? In a word ‘No’. Tradies often get a bad rap in the press and on the TV but the electrical industry is just the same as any other business sector. There will always be a small amount of unscrupulous professionals who ruin the reputation of the greater good.

So, the question is how do you choose a good electrician in Sydney or anywhere in Australia for that matter? Here are some top tips to ensure that you receive safe, quality electrical work for a fair price and a level of comfort when it comes to emergency electrical call outs.

Door Knockers. Have you had an electrician knock on your door? Offering work which is so cheap it sounds too good to be true? Then it probably is. Ask for a business card and a website or landline number. If they operate with just a first name and mobile number without any certification alarm bells should ring and you should shut the door immediately.

Reputation. Reputation is key and there is no greater reflection on an electricians work than being recommended to a person from a prior, happy and satisfied customer. Look for testimonials and recommendations; ask a friend who has had electrical work done, who did they use? Were they satisfied?

History. Look for an electrician who has been servicing the local community for a long time. An established electrical company can only survive on recommendations and repeat business. This is a great sign that the electrician provides quality work and a happy customer experience.

The Price. The price of a job will always be very important and a key factor in deciding which electrician is best for you. Look for electricians that give per job or fixed pricing and quotes.

The Little Extras. Look for the little extras which set a good electrician apart from a regular one. Do they offer per job pricing so your bill doesn’t blow out and hit the roof. Do they take pride in their work with safe work methods and work guarantees? Do they offer a wide range of services?

Also look for an electrician which also offers 24/7 callout and fast response. You can then build a relationship with this electrician and also know that you can rely on the same team to come to you in an electrical emergency. In no time you will have a great electrician who will serve you well for many years whatever the electrical service you need.